CoreMarine was founded by a collective of subsea and marine engineers intent on developing technologies and efficient solutions for the Blue Economy. Our experience is from the oil and gas industry but we ensure that our services and competencies are directly transferable to other marine industries.

CoreMarine has a presence in both Norway and Spain and actively targets the marine industries in both regions.



CoreMarine aims to provide best-in-class analytical and operational engineering to the marine industry. We facilitate and accelerate the transfer of knowledge and technology from Oil & Gas to other marine economies. 

To achieve this we must strive to deliver innovative but efficient solutions for our clients, while maintaining a forward thinking and evolving approach to marine technology development.

'We believe in the empowerment of small ideas with big potential.'

core values

Intrinsic to our success as a supplier, product developer and industry partner. Our vision will be realised if we operate by our core values: 

  • Best-in-class

  • Technology development

  • sustainable use of our oceans

  • partnerships

  • Transfer of knowledge