CoreMarine strives to maintain complementary partnerships with best-in-class companies in their respective fields. Our partners share our drive for efficient innovation and technology development in the Blue Economy. Developing this extensive network is essential for the growth of CoreMarine.



FFS is the leading towage and barge company in the South of Norway. We work specifically with FFS to develop solutions for marine operations and coastal engineering projects. 


Einar Øgrey AS

Einar Øgrey is a specialist mechanical and fabrication company in Farsund. They specialise in electromechanical, hydraulic and automation fabrication. CoreMarine work with Øgrey by combining our complementary skill-sets for internal technology developments and tendering.


Orca Subsea

Orca provides specialist logistics and asset management tailored to the marine and offshore industry. They have extensive experience working in Oil and Gas and offer expert management for logistical scopes. Orca Subsea and CoreMarine provide combined engineering and logistic services for vessel mobilisations.


iberian offshore

Iberian are our trusted partners for structural engineering and engineering consultancy. Based out of Spain, they have gained many years experience with marine transport and heavy lifting. Together, Iberian and CoreMarine offer full engineering packages clients.