CoreMarine & The World's Smallest Airport

It isn’t often we get to work on the design of a floating airport.

So, when we were approached by Ricky Sandhu and small. to assist in the floating design the answer was simple.

urban air port.PNG

Dubbed the world’s smallest airport, the structure is designed to support urban mobility with the use of aerial taxis or eVTOL (electrical vertical takeoff and landing).

CoreMarine supported small. and Arup in the floating design of this little gem.

The floating version of the airport will extend the range and capabilities of the vehicles for cities on or near water.

At CoreMarine we service all ocean industries - from underwater restaurants to offshore aquaculture and even floating airports. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and what makes us different.

You can watch the video here for a full overview (skip to 2:15 for the floating action).

CoreMarine and CENER form consortium for Floating Wind Engineering

Sarriguren (Navarre-Spain), September 17, 2019.

Today CoreMarine and CENER (National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain) announce the signing of a consortium agreement to promote engineering services to the floating offshore wind industry. This collaboration will combine their expertise in a one-stop shop for the development of floating wind projects.

The combined offering will support projects from research and FEED studies, to simulation of components, detailed engineering and installation support.

Specifically, the agreement focuses on floating foundation design, mooring and dynamic cable analysis, transport & installation, wind turbine modelling, coupled analysis and scale model testing.

Both entities have recognized the need to address the specific concerns and needs of the emerging floating wind industry.

Figure 1 - CoreMarine Mooring Installation & Analysis

Figure 1 - CoreMarine Mooring Installation & Analysis

 “As far as we can see, this is the first offering to the floating wind market from front end engineering and model testing through to detailed design and installation. This is a first for the industry and represents a significant strengthening of our capabilities in the floating wind sector”, says Carlos Lopez, director of CoreMarine Spain

CENER / SiL (Software in the Loop) method for aero-hydro-coupled wake tank validation tests

CENER / SiL (Software in the Loop) method for aero-hydro-coupled wake tank validation tests

Additionally, Antonio Ugarte, director for the Wind Energy Department at CENER, comments: “Currently it is necessary to implement the latest tools for simulating wind components and validation tests in industrial processes. The alliance between CoreMarine and CENER makes it possible to combine precisely the engineering processes with the most advanced methods for the design, construction, transport and installation of innovative solutions for offshore wind energy”.

Over recent years both CoreMarine and CENER have made their commitment to floating offshore wind and have gained extensive know-how and experience in the engineering, design and validation of floating structures. This agreement solidifies and strengthens the commitment of both entities and provides added value to this emerging industry.

 About CoreMarine

CoreMarine is an engineering specialist company focused on analysis, design and installation of offshore structures. Founded in 2016, it comprises a team of 14 engineers, has an office in both Spain and Norway and has presence in projects in Europe and Australia.

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The National Center for Renewable Energies (CENER) develops applied research in renewable energies and provides technological support to companies and energy institutions at international level, in six work areas: wind, solar thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, biomass, efficiency and energy generation in buildings and urban planning, and integration in the energy network.

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 Press Contact:


Julia Elizalde (Communication and Institutional Relations Manager) / Cell: +34 948 25 28 00



Ben Fitzgerald (Operations Director) / Cell: +47 93285557

OceanTec Wave Energy Device Decommissioning

CoreMarine completed the successful decommissioning of the OceanTec Wave Energy device last week.


CoreMarine has been responsible for T&I (Transport & Installation) since the beginning of the project in 2016. We started our collaboration with TECNALIA, OCENTEC and now IDOM. During the initial Installation process in October 2016, CoreMarine was also involved in the ballast system design and operations. Since then we have been involved in all T&I operations including mooring installation with AHV Union Bear and now in the final decommissioning phase.  


The device has been producing renewable wave energy to the grid for 3 winters in one of the most harsh environments in Europe (Bay of Biscay).

Thanks to OceanTec, IDOM and TECNALIA for their confidence and also to CDA for their continued diving and technical support. Our logistics partner, ALTIUS has also been fantastic throughout the project and we thank them for their efforts also.

The device has been retired to Bilbao Port for a new future as part of IDOM and hopefully many more years producing clean energy!


Twin-Turbine Floating Wind Installation

CoreMarine is proud to have assisted the WIP10+ project in the installation of the worlds first twin-turbine floating wind unit.


A consortium of European companies, lead by EnerOcean has designed, fabricated and installed a prototype twin-turbines (the first in the world, and the first floating in Spain). It was successfully installed last week at the PLOCAN test site in the Canaries. CoreMarine has assisted in the T&I execution of the project including survey equipment and personnel for anchor installation and hook up support. 

We would also like to thank the many other companies that have been working during the T&I phase, including TRAMES, REPROSUB and the always good support from PLOCAN the owner of the test site.


The turbine has been operational since last week with very successful results.

Katapult Ocean Partnership

How do you link expontential technology with heavy engineering in the ocean space?

We think collaborating with arguably the world’s best ocean tech start-up accelerator program is a great start. So, we are excited to announce our partnership with Katapult Ocean!


Katapult Ocean is building and investing in great businesses with a positive impact on the oceans. supporting sustainable developement goal #14, life under water. At the core of this is an impact ocean tech accelerator, a spin-off of the successful Katapult Accelerator.

Katapult Ocean is building a global ecosystem of the best organisations, investors and experts to support with mentorship and advice throughout the program. That’s where CoreMarine comes in: we will provide engineering verification and mentorship to these businesses.

Do you need help developing your ocean space innovation?

We’d love to hear from you, whether you have the beginnings of an idea or a fully-fledged concept. Get in touch!

Likewise, Katapult Ocean will provide support to the ocean start-ups within CoreMarine MAST , which is our own internal accelerator. MAST works with very early stage businesses, helping them develop to the next level where they can attract investment by Katapult Ocean and others.

Together, CoreMarine and Katapult Ocean are planning exciting events to drive innovation and engineering in the ocean space to solve some of the ocean's biggest challenges and to find new opportunities with a positive impact on the oceans. Watch this space for updates.

We believe in the power and possibilities of tech combined with heavy engineering to build sustainable ocean economies. We can’t wait to see the results of this exciting partnership!

From L-R: Maren Hjorth Bauer (Katapult Ocean), Sean Van Steel (CoreMarine), Ben Fitzgerald (CoreMarine), Rikke Jørgensen (Katapult Ocean)

From L-R: Maren Hjorth Bauer (Katapult Ocean), Sean Van Steel (CoreMarine), Ben Fitzgerald (CoreMarine), Rikke Jørgensen (Katapult Ocean)

Under goes under!

Ben Fitzgerald (Operations Director) and Sean Van Steel (Engineering Manager) observing the free floating Under structure at dawn

Ben Fitzgerald (Operations Director) and Sean Van Steel (Engineering Manager) observing the free floating Under structure at dawn

Under – the world’s largest and Europe’s first underwater restaurant – has been successfully installed on the seabed near Lindesnes, Norway’s southernmost point. Under is a flagship project for CoreMarine in our drive to transfer technology and expertise from the offshore industry, accelerating the sustainable ocean economy.

After 18 months of planning and construction, the 1,620 tonne concrete structure was floated off its foundation barge in the early hours of Friday 27th July. Heavy lift vessel Uglen connected to slings on the free-floating restaurant, before manoeuvring the structure into place and lowering it onto the foundation blocks. After a full day of careful operations, the restaurant was fully installed and disconnected from Uglen by 20:30. You can see footage of the critical stages below.


CoreMarine developed the installation procedure for this pioneering operation, which was conducted in partnership with Farsund Fortøyningsselskap and Øgrey for our client Lindesnes Havhotel


CoreMarine’s scope included: 

  • Environmental analysis and wave propagation model generation 
  • Installation and stability analysis
  • Structure load-out engineering
  • Heavy-lift engineering
  • Pad eye design-(with Iberian Offshore)
  • Installation operations


“The novelty of this launching operation and the extremely small tolerances we had in lining up exactly with the foundations were our greatest concerns with this operation,” says CoreMarine Engineering Manager, Sean Van Steel. “The restaurant free floated according to plan, and the structure landed well and truly within our centimeter-tight tolerances.”

“We couldn’t be happier with how successful this operation was; one of the smoothest and most successful we’ve developed. This is even more significant given the uniqueness of the structure: we took a land-based civil engineering concept – a stunning Snøhetta-designed restaurant – and turned it into an offshore operation.”

The next steps are to finalize the underwater foundations, and complete the restaurant’s internal fit-out. Under is planned to open in the spring of 2019.

(Please contact us if you wish to use this footage)

Construction of the Under structure

Positioning Under for the float-out operation

Sinking of the foundation barge

Connecting Under to heavy lift vessel Uglen

Preparations for manoeuvering into place over the foundations

Manoeuvering into place over the foundations

Under goes under

CoreMarine delivers moonpool deflector for DeepOcean

media pic2.PNG

CoreMarine has designed and delivered a moonpool deflector for DeepOcean Ghana to be utilised on the multi-purpose installation vessel – Polar Onyx.

The scope included:

  • Hydrodynamic riser analysis to define loads for the deflector
  • Concept design
  • Structural analysis using finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Procurement of deflector

CoreMarine contracted CFS Offshore Engineering in the UK to complete the fabrication of the deflector.


This fast-tracked scope for DeepOcean was delivered on-time and on budget. This project demonstrates CoreMarine’s commitment to delivering complete, SMART ocean solutions to the offshore industries, from hydrodynamic analysis to structural design and fabrication/procurement management.

First Ocean Associates & CoreMarine Sign Reciprocal Frame Agreement

First Ocean Associates and CoreMarine have entered into a reciprocal frame agreement for project support, execution and tendering.

The agreement combines the engineering, analysis and personnel services of CoreMarine with the offshore construction, installation and personnel services of First Ocean Associates.

Together, they will target offshore projects within O&G, renewables, but more strategically in emerging ocean industry markets, with the aim of realizing full turnkey marine solutions to clients worldwide.  

We are extremely excited by this agreement! Cooperation is a big part of the culture at CoreMarine and together with First Ocean Associates we can offer complete solutions to both our clients. We look forward to future, collaborative projects with First Ocean Associates
— Øyvind Johnsen, CoreMarine Director

Both companies have a heavy emphasis on technology development and as such they will also align some of their specific marine technology developments!

First Ocean’s value creation for clients is fundamentally rooted in a strong collaboration of best in class specialists supporting the delivery of unmatchable client service. This newly established, formal agreement with CoreMarine is a prime example of a cooperation which will elevate First Ocean’s high-quality service offering.
— Jason Bayne, Managing Partner - First Ocean Associates

First Ocean Associates is a specialized marine contracting and consultancy company, focusing on light construction, installation, decommissioning and client representation in the offshore segments of the oil & gas and renewable industries worldwide.

First Ocean combine vast offshore experience with key project execution experience to provide complete offshore construction and installation packages.

First Ocean recently executed the PT Amman tailings pipeline replacement project in Indonesia.


MAST- Marine And Subsea Technologies

As part of our strategy to drive innovation in the ocean economy, we are amazingly excited to give you a sneak peek at something we have been working on - MAST!



MAST – Marine and Subsea Technologies – is CoreMarine’s internal incubator. Through MAST we support new concepts in the ocean space with our technical knowledge; transferring our expertise in offshore engineering to develop emerging ocean economies.

We aim to support founders to validate and realise their early-stage concepts, helping them reach the next level where they can attract further exposure and investment.

MAST is currently supporting 4 concepts:

We believe in small ideas with big potential
  • Wave-powered desalination
  • Floating wind power solution
  • Large-scale offshore aquaculture
  • Marine structure launch technology


We will be officially launching MAST and these ground-breaking concepts at an event in Oslo in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details – we look forward to seeing you there!