CoreMarine wins HARSH LAB buoy T&I contract

San Sebastián, Spain: CoreMarine has been awarded the contract for the procurement, transportation and installation (T&I) of the HARSH LAB research buoy in the bimep offshore test facility in Northern Spain.

What is HARSH LAB?

HARSH LAB v1.0 is the first prototype of a larger and more complex lab, which enables testing of new materials and solutions against corrosion, ageing and fouling in real and monitored offshore conditions. It also enables the evaluation of standardised probes and components in a real offshore environment, both in the splash and immersion zones. In this offshore lab up to 125 samples can be tested in the splash zone, and 600 in the immersion zone.

HARSH LAB is a floating offshore laboratory. It will facilitate both hostile environment testing of equipment and subsystem components, as well as functioning as a training  and qualification centre for offshore research teams. 

CoreMarine's scope of work will be performed in collaboration with Bilbao-based Vicinay and Tecnalia. It includes all installation and operational engineering, procurement, anchor handling vessel (AHT) chartering and offshore operations

The project is planned to be executed in two stages: HARSH LAB v1.0 (summer 2018) and HARSH LAB v2.0 (summer 2019). 

This is a key strategic project for CoreMarine as we push further into emerging ocean industries.

Image credit:  Cluster de Energía

Image credit: Cluster de Energía