OceanTec Wave Energy Device Decommissioning

CoreMarine completed the successful decommissioning of the OceanTec Wave Energy device last week.


CoreMarine has been responsible for T&I (Transport & Installation) since the beginning of the project in 2016. We started our collaboration with TECNALIA, OCENTEC and now IDOM. During the initial Installation process in October 2016, CoreMarine was also involved in the ballast system design and operations. Since then we have been involved in all T&I operations including mooring installation with AHV Union Bear and now in the final decommissioning phase.  


The device has been producing renewable wave energy to the grid for 3 winters in one of the most harsh environments in Europe (Bay of Biscay).

Thanks to OceanTec, IDOM and TECNALIA for their confidence and also to CDA for their continued diving and technical support. Our logistics partner, ALTIUS has also been fantastic throughout the project and we thank them for their efforts also.

The device has been retired to Bilbao Port for a new future as part of IDOM and hopefully many more years producing clean energy!