Analysis consultancy contract with DeepOcean Norway

Installation vessel-  Edda Freya   Picture: Courtesy of DeepOcean

Installation vessel- Edda Freya

Picture: Courtesy of DeepOcean

Oslo, Norway: CoreMarine has delivered a feasibility study report to DeepOcean Norway, covering the retrieval and deployment of large 280 tonne subsea modules using their state-of-the-art vessel Edda Freya.

CoreMarine worked alongside DeepOcean's Haugesund engineering team to design and develop a module handling arrangement. The team was tasked with pushing the boundaries on module handling in rough sea states. Working in more challenging sea states in turn demands a greater level of control over lifting operations, limiting uncontrolled contact between the module and vessel. 

Our scope included assessing the vessel motions and motion models, the implementation of model test hydrodynamics into analysis, and performing module lifting and handling analysis in air and through the water column. CoreMarine's specialization in marine and installation analysis enabled DeepOcean's engineers to develop a system that provides a feasible, robust and repeatable operation.  

The report was the final study delivered under a services contract between CoreMarine and DeepOcean. 

Core Marine contributed with excellent competency and analysis capacity in this study. They represented a perfect match and supplement to our own engineering team.
— Deep Ocean Engineering Manager