CoreMarine develops Transport Tracker

During 2016 wild storms lashed the Bay of Biscay, causing multiple barges to snap their tow bridles. The barges eventually washed ashore some days later, luckily with their loads still intact.

Was the barge safe to continue the journey with its sensitive cargo? Was the seafastening still secure? What motions and load had it weathered on its unplanned detour? The only way to know for the first two points was to perform a site inspection on the barge and cargo. The final one no one would know.

Enter CoreMarine’s Transport Tracker, a system we have been developing where by we can monitor the real time movements of the barge.

The Transport Tracker allows owners to monitor the real-time location, speed and motions of their asset, including wind and wave conditions. Data is presented in a user-friendly dashboard which customers access themselves. The system provides up-to-date reporting without the need for an onsite overseer, removing the risk of human error. It ensures data is still received when an asset is adrift, and can even aid in the recovery of a lost vessel.

The Transport Tracker fills a market niche for owners who need to follow their transport and ensure it has not experienced motions or accelerations beyond the design limits, but who don’t require the highly sensitive, expensive systems currently available.

Having implemented the system on multiple transports during 2017 and 2018 with our partners Iberian Offshore, CoreMarine is working to develop the Transport Tracker further. Do you want a reliable, cost-effective way to monitor your vessel, transport and cargo? Check out the prototype interface, and get in touch!


 CoreMarine Transport Tracker in action (White box to the top right)

CoreMarine Transport Tracker in action (White box to the top right)