MAST- Marine And Subsea Technologies

As part of our strategy to drive innovation in the ocean economy, we are amazingly excited to give you a sneak peek at something we have been working on - MAST!



MAST – Marine and Subsea Technologies – is CoreMarine’s internal incubator. Through MAST we support new concepts in the ocean space with our technical knowledge; transferring our expertise in offshore engineering to develop emerging ocean economies.

We aim to support founders to validate and realise their early-stage concepts, helping them reach the next level where they can attract further exposure and investment.

MAST is currently supporting 4 concepts:

We believe in small ideas with big potential
  • Wave-powered desalination
  • Floating wind power solution
  • Large-scale offshore aquaculture
  • Marine structure launch technology


We will be officially launching MAST and these ground-breaking concepts at an event in Oslo in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details – we look forward to seeing you there!