Under goes under!

Ben Fitzgerald (Operations Director) and Sean Van Steel (Engineering Manager) observing the free floating Under structure at dawn

Ben Fitzgerald (Operations Director) and Sean Van Steel (Engineering Manager) observing the free floating Under structure at dawn

Under – the world’s largest and Europe’s first underwater restaurant – has been successfully installed on the seabed near Lindesnes, Norway’s southernmost point. Under is a flagship project for CoreMarine in our drive to transfer technology and expertise from the offshore industry, accelerating the sustainable ocean economy.

After 18 months of planning and construction, the 1,620 tonne concrete structure was floated off its foundation barge in the early hours of Friday 27th July. Heavy lift vessel Uglen connected to slings on the free-floating restaurant, before manoeuvring the structure into place and lowering it onto the foundation blocks. After a full day of careful operations, the restaurant was fully installed and disconnected from Uglen by 20:30. You can see footage of the critical stages below.


CoreMarine developed the installation procedure for this pioneering operation, which was conducted in partnership with Farsund Fortøyningsselskap and Øgrey for our client Lindesnes Havhotel


CoreMarine’s scope included: 

  • Environmental analysis and wave propagation model generation 
  • Installation and stability analysis
  • Structure load-out engineering
  • Heavy-lift engineering
  • Pad eye design-(with Iberian Offshore)
  • Installation operations


“The novelty of this launching operation and the extremely small tolerances we had in lining up exactly with the foundations were our greatest concerns with this operation,” says CoreMarine Engineering Manager, Sean Van Steel. “The restaurant free floated according to plan, and the structure landed well and truly within our centimeter-tight tolerances.”

“We couldn’t be happier with how successful this operation was; one of the smoothest and most successful we’ve developed. This is even more significant given the uniqueness of the structure: we took a land-based civil engineering concept – a stunning Snøhetta-designed restaurant – and turned it into an offshore operation.”

The next steps are to finalize the underwater foundations, and complete the restaurant’s internal fit-out. Under is planned to open in the spring of 2019.

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Construction of the Under structure

Positioning Under for the float-out operation

Sinking of the foundation barge

Connecting Under to heavy lift vessel Uglen

Preparations for manoeuvering into place over the foundations

Manoeuvering into place over the foundations

Under goes under